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Protection of marine mammals and seabirds – continuation [POIS.02.04.00-00-0042/18]

Year by year Polish coastline faces growing human pressures. This results in a visible decrease of many seabirds’ populations. The negative trend may only be stopped by active conservation. At the same time more and more seals are found on the beaches which requires specialists’ interventions in many cases.

The project aims to protect marine mammals (grey seal, ringed seal, harbour seal and harbour porpoise) as well as coastal birds (ringed plover, little tern, sandwich tern, common tern and oystercatcher) against anthropogenic threats and pressures. This is to be achieved through i.a.: rehabilitation of wounded or ill animals, minimizing the interaction between mammals / seabirds and fisheries (particularly important for the critically endangered population of harbour porpoise in the Baltic Sea), collecting scientific data on marine mammals and seabirds, their habitats and pressures they face as well as monitoring migration routes of seals.

All along the Polish coastline 200 volunteers organized within Blue Patrol help actively ensure that animals receive appropriate treatment when necessary. They also give advice to the public on how to behave while sharing the beach with wild fauna.

A set of discussion fora is carried out with aim to exchange knowledge and experience about marine conservation activities. Some guidelines on the above mentioned issues will be prepared throughout the project, too. Comprehensive informational and educational activities are also carried out to gain support for the idea of protection of marine biodiversity.

WWF Poland implements this project in cooperation with Waterbird Research Group KULING and University of Gdańsk.

Project value: PLN 5 310 882

Contribution of the European Funds: 85%, i.e. PLN 4 514 250

Contact: kontakt@wwf.pl


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