About the Patrol

The WWF Blue Patrol is a group of 200 volunteers living along the entire Polish coast of the Baltic Sea, devoted to helping seals, harbour porpoises and birds.

The Patrol has been operating since the beginning of 2010. This diverse group of volunteers consists of people with various interests and of different ages and occupations, such as pupils, students, retirees, teachers, clerks, veterinarians, business owners etc.  It is not uncommon for whole families to join the ranks of the WWF Blue Patrol. Despite many differences, the volunteers share a common goal – the protection of marine mammals and birds. Thanks to this, they can cooperate very well with each other, conducting beach patrols and field interventions, or during educational events or trainings. They are happy to share information and knowledge with each other and are always keen to educate others.


WWF Blue Patrol activities:

  • beach patrols – thanks to those regular patrols, they can react very quickly to what is happening on the beach and provide help to animals in a timely manner: be on time if any animal needs help,
  • monitoring of marine mammals and birds – while on a patrol the volunteers monitor selected species of animals: grey seal, common seal, ringed seal, harbour porpoise, ringed plover, little tern, sandwich tern, common tern and oystercatcher,
  • conservation actions – e.g. installing protective enclosures around nests of ringed plovers on the beach,
  • attending and organizing educational activities and events, promoting knowledge about marine mammals and birds at meetings with various stakeholders.

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